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If you want to contribute or watch raw footage you need to take part in a Deptford.TV introduction workshop in order to get a login for http://edit.deptford.tv. If you want to see some videos, look at our broadcast machine. Please sign up to our mailinglist here to get our news.

If you want to learn how to watch & produce videos for Deptford.TV please refer to the research media wiki.

Media Converge

This guide has been created aimed to help people and groups distributing their own audio-visual material for networking, public screening, redistributing via low tech public Video servers. These guides are task based rather than being based only on one software application with the focus on explaining the use of the [WWW] FLOSS software. This manual is remixed with manuals created through the [WWW] transmission network in collaboration with [WWW] flossmanuals, [WWW] ourvideo, and [WWW] make internet TV.

HowTo publish and view Video on the internet

Tutorials by categories: