Project Author Year Tape Short Description Location Length Size Download Download_ogg
bookmakers dalia, edson, katya 2006 teyron interviewee says his name 0:00:31 2 mb download file
bookmakers dalia, edson, katya 2006 interview 1 of son of man 0:09:27 33 mb download file
Sanford Coop Duda Andrade, Katya Nasim, Joby 2006 057 Music playing, she talks about living in the coop, no tripod, good moviment of image, she talks about differences among people living in the same house. 0:02:15 13 mb download file
Deptford Urban Free Festival Dalia al Kury, Erin Kennedy, Lily Mcnamee, Heidi Hasbrouck 2006 056 int, day, whole interview with kim 0:18:14 100 mb download file