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[edit] Symphony of Deptford

  * references

[edit] DTV toolkit

The DTV toolkit is a set of tools for collaborative video / film projects. It is platform independent but relies on specific software- more on Requirements.

This is the first incarnation of a set of tools. Further development steps are outlined in the Web Action List page and the Editing Action List page respectively.

  * Principles
  * Features
  * Requirements
  * Workflow
  * Initiating projects
  * Working with Established Projects
  * Issue Queue

[edit] code

  * Cinelerra Server 
  * Scripts and Prototypes
  * Cinelerra Info

[edit] Research Notes

  * ideas
  * codec
  * endcoding tests
  * metadata tagging
  * version control
  * web tools
  * release forms

[edit] Action List for further development

  * Web Action List
  * Editing Action List
  * Phase 1 completion
  * Phase 2 completion
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